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This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. T&C Apply. For 18+ only


Enjoy our online Ludo at Dhamaal App. Play and compete with online players around the world, or play with your friends. Check out the variety of ludo games, and play them to win exciting prizes.


Looking out for online Rummy game? Visit Dhamaal App, and check out the exciting range of tournaments. The unlimited bonuses and prizes are surely something you don’t wanna miss! So, visit Dhamaal Games and play now.


For all poker enthusiasts, Dhamaal App offers a combo of poker matches, coupled with amazing prizes. Dhamaal is heaven for the players out there to enjoy their favorite poker games and win handsome rewards.

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Discover A World Class Gaming Experience

100% Safe & Legal

We provide security not only for payment gateways but also for the user registration and financial details. All of the data is secured by our Anti-fraud system. We provide a responsible gaming environment with our RNG-certified games and bring you an unforgettable Gambling solution.

Fast Deposit and Withdrawal

Our experienced core developers have worked with the latest technologies available to smoothen out the process of financial transactions. Our payment gateways are totally safe, and not only can you deposit your money in a jiffy, but you also have the power to instantly withdraw the money with the assistance of our Instant cash Withdrawal system.

24*7 Customer Support

At Dhamaal App, our dedicated and well-trained team for customer support is always prepared to deal with any problems or issues faced by our customers. So, please feel free to reach out to our team of professionals with any queries at any hour, and we will get back to you in a jiffy.

Cashback Offers

At Dhamaal App, we have given special attention to making gaming interesting for our customers. For that, we have ensured a lot of exciting prizes, bonuses, and promotions for the players. Our Poker, Rummy, and Ludo games are developed in accordance with the latest market trends and have already gained immense popularity.

Trusted by 1 Lakh+ Players

Made with ❤️ in India, for India!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dhamaal App Safe?
Yes, Dhamaal App is totally safe for the players. We have paid special attention to ensure safe and secure gateways for our players.
What games can i play on Dhamaal app?
You can play three games on the Dhamaal app. They are Ludo, Rummy, and Poker.
Do People really win money on Dhamaal?
Yes, players can play Ludo, Rummy, and Poker games on Dhamaal App, and win real money.
How do i win on Dhamaal?
The games that are provided in the Dhamaal App are complemented by amazing bonuses and prizes. You can add money to your wallet and can choose the game you like the most. Once the game is over, you shall know about your winnings and the prizes that you are entitled to.
How can i withdraw my winning money?
Once the gaming is over, you shall know about your winning amount. Following that, visit the Cashout Screen, request for the KYC, and wait for the approval of the KYC. Once the KYC is approved, re-visit the cashout screen, and then add bank details or UPI details, and just request for the withdrawal of your money.
Is Dhamaal App available for ios users?
Yes, iOS users can also use the Dhamaal App
Do you have a customer support team?
Yes, we do have a dedicated team for customer support. They are always eager and ready to support you with their technical expertise, and you can contact them anytime you want to.
Is Dhamaal App legal in India?
Yes, Dhamaal App is completely legal in India. You Are free to enjoy the games that Dhamaal provides.
Why is Dhamaal the best app?
Dhamaal App is the best app, owing to the realistic gaming experience that it ensures for the players. Besides, the three games that Dhamaal currently offers Ludo, Poker, and Rummy are both legal and safe in India. The payment gateways are totally safe, and the App supports different languages. Additionally, Dhamaal App offers a lot of bonus and promotional offers in addition to the cash prizes. So, don’t wait. Download the Dhamaal App, and play your favorite games.

Read More About Dhamaal App

Dhamaal App is one of the emerging online gaming platforms in India, and since its inception, its remarkable performance has won the heart of many gaming enthusiasts. We primarily offer three games on our gaming app; Poker, Ludo, and Rummy. Each of these games has lots of options and the players can choose the one that they find most intriguing. To cater to the cultural appropriation of the cultural ethnicity of the players, the Dhamaal App boasts multilingual features and highly realistic gameplay.

Besides, our graphics are updated, and our games have been developed by using the latest technology, and in accordance with the latest gaming trends in the market. We have aimed to provide our customers a hassle-free online gaming experience, and so our games are easy to understand, and anybody can play them. Besides, Dhamaal App runs well on our website, android, and iOS apps.The games of the Dhamaal App have amazing prizes and bonuses, and the players can play their games and win these rewards. We have effectively supplied our amazing services and a range of games to a multitude of customers, and almost all of them are highly satisfied by what we have offered them.

Besides, with the use of the latest technology, we are able to provide our users with a safe, secure, and trusted brand value. We work with many payment channels that are protected with various layers of verification, which has helped us become the most useful and lucrative online gaming platform in India.

Why choose Dhamaal?

Dhamaal App is one of the best platforms in India for online gaming. It provides three options to choose from, Rummy, Poker, and Ludo. The games on the Dhamaal App are made by using the latest technology and adhere to the latest trends of the market. Within each game, there are lots of options that the players can choose from, and play them to win exciting prizes. Besides, there are lots of promotions and other monetary benefits that the participants can make full use of. The games of the Dhamaal App are certified, and are, therefore, reliable. It provides an easy deposit and withdrawal facility, thereby ensuring a hassle-free experience for the players. Also, the games are available in different languages, which makes it easier for the players to understand.

The payment gateways of the Dhamaal App are totally trustable, which ensures the safety of the monetary transactions of the players. Besides, Dhamaal App focuses on maintaining a smooth relationship with the customers. Our customer support team is dedicated and is always ready to assist you with any issue that you may face. So, don’t wait any further. Download the Dhamaal App, and start playing right now.

How to Download and Install Dhamaal App?

First of all, you have to visit the official website https://www.dhamaalgames.com/ to get the Dhamaal App. Enter your mobile number, and download the app from this website. After allowing installation from unknown sources, the application shall be installed. Open the newly installed application, and enter your mobile number to reach the dashboard of the app. Choose the game that you like the most and start playing.

Tips to Start With Dhamaal App

Let’s have a comprehensive guide about starting the Dhamaal App

1. Open https://www.dhamaalgames.com/ in your mobile, desktop or laptop browser.

2.The next step is Register using your mobile number and enter the OTP that you get on your mobile.

3.This ensures that you have signed up for the same. After this, you are free to download the application, followed by the installation of the same.

4.Once the application is installed, you are free to log in with the same mobile number and repeat the same process.

5.Once you have done that, you shall be automatically directed to the game dashboard.

6.Choose from the variety of games that you see on the dashboard. Choose the one, which suits or interests you the most. Enjoy the game, and start winning amazing rewards at the Dhamaal App.

Exclusive Features of Dhamaal App

Let us have a quick look at the exclusive features of the Dhamaal App.

  • Smooth Gaming Experience for the users.
  • Lots of gaming options to choose from.
  • Easy deposit and withdrawing facility, which makes the experience hassle-free.
  • Exciting cash prizes, which becomes an impetus for the participants.
  • Certified Game Apps, which add to the reliability of the games.
  • Multilingual App for the convenience of the customers.
  • Safe and Secure Payment gateways like PayU, which makes our brand more trustable.
  • 24x7 dedicated customer support team, who are always ready to assist you with any kind of technical assistance that you may need.

  • Benefits of Playing on Dhamaal App

    Dhamaal App is one of the emerging online playing with gaming platforms in India, which primarily focuses on Rummy, Ludo, and Poker. Let us have a quick look at the benefits of playing on the Dhamaal App.

    1. Enriched Graphics and realistic gameplay

    The quality of graphics used in the Dhamaal App is highly realistic, which enhances the experience of the players while playing the game of their choice.

    2. Exciting Promotional Offers

    Apart from the mainstream rewards, the promotional offers at Dhamaal are equally enticing. One can also refer the Dhamaal App to one’s friend, and earn reference points and money through this.

    3. Instant Withdrawal & Deposit

    Dhamaal App allows the players to quickly deposit and withdraw their money while ensuring substantial security at the same time. The whole process is the least time-consuming, and the players can withdraw their winning amount in a very short time.

    4. Tournaments

    The players of the Dhamaal App can always compete in tournaments and win handsome rewards. The tournaments also provide them with the opportunity to compete with the best players around the country, and the competitiveness, in itself is an enriching experience for the players.

    5. Quick Challenge

    The players can also engage in a quick challenge, which is a fast and quick process of engaging in the game of their choice.

    6. Safe and Secure payment gateways

    Dhamaal App is dedicated to saving the financial details of the customers. With the ultimate aim of securing our customers from any potential hacker, we have dedicatedly worked on ensuring the security of the customers and their financial transactions.

    7. Multilingual

    Since our players come from different cultural backgrounds, we have tried to ensure a platform that caters to their individual needs. Therefore, Dhamaal App is functional in different languages, which eases out the process of playing for our players.

    Dhamaal App For Desktop/Laptop

    Let us quickly have a look at the steps to get the Dhamaal App for your desktop or laptop.

    1: Visit the website, https://www.dhamaalgames.com/, enter your mobile number and click on the 'Get App Link' tab.

    2: You will receive an invitation message on your phone with a download link.

    3: Open the recently downloaded link for the Dhamaal App from the notification bar, click on settings and allow installation from 'Unknown Sources'.

    4: Open the app, enter Dhamaal games, choose the game that you wish to play, and start playing.

    Dhamaal App For Mobile

    Let us quickly have a look at the steps to get the Dhamaal App for your mobile.

    Step 1: Visit the website, https://www.dhamaalgames.com/ on your browser and click on the 'Download App' tab to start the download of ‘dhamaal.apk' file.

    Step 2: Open the application which should be visible in the notification bar, and then click on settings and allow installation from 'Unknown Sources'.

    Step 3: Open the app and choose from the array of games available on the Dhamaal App and start playing, and winning rewards.

    Download from Play Store

    1. Open Google Play

    • On your phone, use the Play Store app.
    • On your computer, go to play.google.com.

    2. Search Dhamaal Games from Search Bar.

    3. When you pick Dhamaal Games, tap install.

    4. When the installation is completed, the "Install" button will change to "OPEN" button.

    5. Tapping on "OPEN" button will launch Dhamaal Games on your device.

    6. Now open the app and choose the game available on Dhamaal Games and start playing and win exciting rewards.

    FAQ's Related to Dhamaal App

    What is Dhamaal App?

    Dhamaal App is a platform that allows you to play live Rummy, Poker, and Ludo matches. You can either play with your friends or compete with others to win various contests and win handsome rewards.

    Is Dhamaal App Legal in India?

    Yes, Dhamaal App and the three games that are offered through this App are legal in India. They are now considered as a game of skill and anybody can play these sports in most of the states in India. However, certain states in India forbid playing online skill games. They are Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana.

    Why is Dhamaal the Best App for Rummy, Ludo & Poker?

    Dhamaal App is one of the best online gaming apps available in India. Some of the features that make the Dhamaal App stand out from the rest of the apps are:

  • Lots of gaming variants
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal facility
  • Exciting promotions and cash prizes
  • Certified and reliable Game Apps
  • Multilingual Apps
  • Safe and Secure Payment gateways
  • Flawless customer relationship management
  • How to Play Ludo, Rummy, Poker on Dhamaal App?

    Playing online Ludo, Rummy, and Poker games on the Dhamaal app is easy. The steps to play are simple. Just select the game that you want to play, and then join a match. After that, join a cash contest, and play to win exciting prizes.

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    This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. T&C Apply. For 18+ only

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    This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. T&C Apply. For 18+ only